Root Canal Infections: Recognizing the Warning Symptoms

Root Canal Infection Symptoms in Manhattan Beach CA Area

A root canal (endodontic therapy) treats an infected tooth by removing the diseased pulp chamber. Without treatment, an infected tooth can die off, spreading the infection to the jaw and other surrounding tissues. When you suspect a tooth infection, talk to a dentist as soon as possible to minimize the potential for harm.

Dr. Don Mungcal and the team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions offer safe and effective root canals to resolve infected teeth for families in Manhattan Beach, California, and beyond. Root canal treatment preserves your tooth, saving you costly tooth replacement treatments. However, while root canals are largely successful, there’s a slight chance of infection. We’ll explain the signs to watch out for to detect root canal infections.

Signs of infection after a root canal

Although root canals are administered to remove infections, harmful bacteria can return. Several reasons your tooth may be re-infected include poorly placed crowns, failure to clean the root canals thoroughly, and inadequate seal.

Root Canal Infection Symptoms


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Common signs of an infection after a root canal include:

  • Pain: Mild pain after a root canal is expected, particularly after the anesthesia wears off. However, increasing and intense pain after treatment, especially when biting down or consuming cold or hot foods and drinks, can indicate infection. See your dentist immediately if you have pain that doesn’t subside after a root canal
  • Abscess: A dental abscess may have developed before you had a root canal. If the abscess doesn’t disappear after 7-10 days, it means your infection wasn’t fully removed, and you need retreatment
  • Tooth discoloration: A tooth infection causes the pulp chamber to die, causing your tooth to darken. If your tooth continues to darken even after treatment, it’s a sure sign that the tissues within continue to die. In such cases, you need thorough cleansing to remove the remaining bacteria
  • Chronic bad breath: Bad odor after a root canal is a sign of infection. You may also notice a bitter taste in your mouth alongside the smell. Please consult a dentist when bad breath doesn’t go away despite diligent oral hygiene
  • Fever: High body temperature indicates your immune system is fighting an infection. If you develop a high fever after a root canal, please get in touch with your dentist for prompt treatment

When we detect a root canal reinfection, the most likely remedy is a root canal retreatment. This procedure works almost like your first root canal, so there is no need to be concerned. 

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