Same-Day Crowns (CEREC)

Same-Day Crowns (CEREC) near Manhattan Beach, CA

If you suffer from a broken or damaged tooth, it’s a relief to know that your dentist has the capability to fix your tooth immediately. At Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, CA, our office is equipped with the advanced CEREC system, an in-house technology that lets us create same-day crowns for our patients and restore smiles on the same day.

Benefits of the CEREC system

Dental restorations can sometimes take days or weeks to complete because dental offices are at the mercy of the timeline of the dental lab. Instead of waiting for customized dental repairs, our Manhattan Beach dental office has opted to invest in the CEREC system so you can get your smile back in one day.

  • On-site technology: CEREC is a computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-assisted milling (CAM) system that uses a milling device and computer design to create sophisticated dental restorations while you wait.
  • Flawless fit: When you are fitted for a crown and those specifications go to a dental lab, the restoration is fairly accurate. However, there is no comparison to the kind of impeccable accuracy your dentist can deliver in both fit and appearance when a crown is customized on the spot.
  • Incredible convenience: A broken, damaged, infected, or otherwise compromised tooth is a big deal, and you understandably want the problem fixed as soon as possible. The convenience of CEREC cannot be overstated. You go in with a problem smile and come out with a perfect solution, no need for second or third dental visits or fittings, saving both time and effort.
  • A natural-looking repair: There is always a concern that a dental restoration will stand out from the rest of your smile in a bad way, but CEREC same-day crowns are designed to look just like your natural tooth in shape, size, and color.

Problems fixed by CEREC crown-in-a-day

Dental problems never happen at a convenient time, and they’re even worse when you discover that the repair you need will require a few weeks to complete. Enter the CEREC crown-in-a-day solution – the strong, fast, attractive restoration for a problematic tooth, such as:

  • Infected tooth: Root canal therapy is usually needed to treat a deep infection, but once the root canals are cleaned and sealed, the whole tooth can be covered with a CEREC dental crown for complete protection.
  • Decayed tooth: Some cavities are simply too large to treat with a tooth-colored filling and require the robustness of a dental crown.
  • Weak tooth: If you have a tooth that is disintegrating and prone to breaking, its weakness can be concealed and its strength restored with a CEREC crown.
  • Unsightly tooth: Sometimes there is a tooth that draws attention to itself for its unsightliness. It’s stained or oddly shaped or otherwise flawed and gets in the way of the rest of your smile. A customized crown covers that all up.
  • Fractured tooth: A cracked, broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged tooth is at risk of deteriorating even further without restoration and its hairline cracks can also allow bacteria and food particles into the depths of the tooth, compromising its health.

Cost factors for same-day crowns

All dental restorations are cost-specific to every patient and their unique dental needs. The convenience of getting an on-site solution instead of waiting for a restoration to be readied in a dental lab will affect the price of your final treatment, but overall the cost factors for a same-day CEREC crown will include:

  • The location of the tooth
  • How large the crown is
  • Material used to make the crown
  • The dentist’s experience
  • Dental office location

Get CEREC same-day crowns from your Manhattan Beach Dentist

If you have a damaged or compromised tooth and wonder if you’re a good candidate for the CEREC same-day crown solution, schedule a consultation with the team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, CA. Save yourself time, energy, and discomfort with this advanced, state-of-the-art dental restoration.

Save yourself time, energy, and discomfort with this advanced, state-of-the-art dental restoration

Meet Manhattan Beach, CA Best Dentist Dr. Don Mungcal

Dr. Don Mungcal Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions

Maintaining healthy gums and teeth has never been easier in Manhattan Beach, California with the impeccable services delivered by Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions. Outstanding personalized attention, emergency care, advanced methods, and trained staff make patients’ experiences smooth.

With almost three decades of clinical experience, Lead Dentist Dr. Don Mungcal focuses on understanding not only your dental goals and needs, but also you and your family’s medical history. He is passionate about staying abreast of modern dental technologies and spends several hundred hours annually on continuing education courses. Membership at the California Dental Society also enhances his knowledge and benefits his patients. Connect with Dr. Don Mungcal on Linkedin

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