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A patient speaks about his experience in getting treatment for TMJ

A patient speaks about his experience in getting treatment for TMJ
Patients love the services Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions provides. Here is a wonderful patient testimonial that was given for Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions from a patient who has got treatments for TMJ along with Invisalign and Veneers.

What made you say ‘Yes’ for a long journey from Invisalign to Veneers?

The whole driver was to fix my really bad TMJ. Then we fixed the TMJ with the Invisalign. Once they got straightened what was odd was there were gaps in jagged that weren’t there before which was an optical illusion because I had also ground them rolled down real bad. So, when they were straightened, they were all misaligned. We went to the next layer of the Invisalign to fix what had been ground down

How has your experience been through this journey?

It’s been a long journey because the Invisalign was supposed to be 12 months it got extended by four so but be kind of my way of life. I didn’t really notice them all that time. The last couple months with the veneers, it’s been a journey it wasn’t terribly painful when it came time to put them in, they were done in one week right on Monday and a Friday. So, it was a week or ten days of uncomfortableness.

What advice can you give people in regards to your new smile?

I’ve been told that I’m smiling a lot more now. I’ve always kind of been like that I never thought i was really like that I think it comes across obviously to other people more. I don’t know maybe it’s a little wider smile or something I don’t know but I don’t think I changed it myself but it seems to have a different perception from people you

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