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Do Composite Dental Fillings Last Forever? Understanding When to Replace Tooth-colored Fillings

Composite Resin Tooth Filling in Manhattan Beach CA Area

When you have a cavity, Dr. Don Mungcal will recommend a composite filling to restore your tooth. Composite (white) fillings are non-metal restorations made from glass and acrylic plastic. Composite resin is a biocompatible material that can be shaded to resemble your natural teeth for a seamless appearance.  But how long do composite fillings last? Can they be replaced? Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions answers everything you need to know about the longevity and replacement of tooth-colored fillings.  How long do white fillings last? Although composite resin is metal-free, this material is incredibly resilient to repair damage anywhere in your mouth. While metal fillings were preferred for … Continue reading

Keep Your Smile Healthy with Cavity Prevention Treatment

skilled tooth fillings, consult Dr. Don Mungcal of Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in California

Let’s face it. There are times when, despite your best efforts to prevent cavities, the teeth of you and your loved ones may suffer damage that causes a cavity to form. Cavities can lead to more significant issues if not dealt with immediately. At Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, California, Dr. Don Mungcal and his fantastic team can fill cavities using safe and effective white composite filling treatments that leave your smile and those of your loved ones looking like a million bucks! Dental Issues Tooth-Colored Fillings Can Address Tooth-colored fillings are a versatile dental solution that can address oral health concerns beyond the … Continue reading

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