Dental Implants Cost

Dental Implants Cost

The most logical question patients have before embarking on any dental treatment is: How much will it cost? Making an investment in your oral health is always worth it, especially when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Learn more about dental implants cost from the dental team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Dental Implants Cost Factors

Getting dental implants is a significant and worthwhile investment that replaces missing teeth from root to crown. Every dental implant cost is unique to each patient, but there are several factors that come into play for everyone and influence the final price, including:

  • Number: How many dental implants are needed?
  • Type: Is a single dental implant needed, a denture implant, All-On-4, or otherwise?
  • Location: What is the location of the implants?
  • Materials: What types of materials are used to craft the implants, crowns, bridges, or dentures?
  • Dental health: Is tooth extraction necessary before implants are placed?
  • Gum health: Is gum disease treatment or gum grafts needed?
  • Sedation: What level of sedation is needed for a comfortable and easy procedure?

Average Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implant costs are on the high end of all restorative dentistry treatments. This advanced procedure is considered an oral surgery and the results deliver a permanent solution for tooth loss, which improves overall oral health and reduces the need for unwanted dental restorations in the future.

Teeth that are corrected with dental implants are healthier, stronger, and function comfortably so the patient has a beautiful smile. The dental implant cost is a worthwhile investment that can save a person from the drawbacks of dentures or other removable appliances.

Here is what most patients can expect when it comes to out-of-pocket costs before any dental insurance is applied:

  • One dental implant: Between $1,000 and $3,000
  • Other elements: Between $500 and $3,000 for the abutment and crown or implant dentures.
  • Procedure: Between $1,500 and $6,000 per tooth, which usually includes surgery plus consultations and follow-ups and may include gum grafts or oral sedation.

The costs will multiply for every dental implant you receive, but there are always reasonable financing options, payment plans, and insurance support that make this a worthwhile investment when it comes to cost and effort.

How to pay for Dental Implants Costs

Your dentist’s biggest goal is to help every patient achieve excellent oral health, and that comes by making procedures as affordable as possible for everyone. Payment options like the following can be combined and turned into a flexible system that works with your budget and oral health needs:

  • Cash or check: Convenient for those who have the resources available now, or just partial resources.
  • Credit cards: Take advantage of low interest rates or balance transfer offers.
  • Dental insurance: Is often available to apply to dental restorations, at least in part if not in full.
  • Financing: Sign up for affordable monthly payment plans and low fixed interest rates through your dentist or an affiliate. Often, there are no application fees or prepayment penalties.
  • Office perks: Ask about discounts that might be available for procedures in a certain price range or if you deliver a down payment.

Get Dental Implants in Manhattan Beach

Even if you don’t have dental insurance or a health savings account, dental implants are a possibility for your present and future. Don’t cut yourself off from a powerful and life-altering restorative dentistry procedure because of dental implants costs. Find out what’s possible by scheduling a consultation at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions. This smile makeover is within your reach.




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