Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety keeps countless men and women in the Manhattan Beach, CA area from getting the oral care they need. If you are one of them, the team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions encourages you to consider sedation dentistry for a relaxed experience.

Understanding sedation

Sedation is generally not a substitute for numbing, but rather a complement to it. Sedation helps your mind and body relax so that treatment can be administered efficiently and comfortably.

Inhaled sedation is commonly called “laughing gas.” It is a pleasantly-scented combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen administered through a small mask over the nose. It takes effect quickly, and the flow of gas can be adjusted during treatment to keep you at ease. You are awake, but calm and untroubled by the sights, sounds, and activities going on around you. The sedative effect wears off quickly after the flow of gas is stopped, and there is no residual grogginess. You may drive and return to other activities following your appointment.

Oral conscious sedation is a pill, taken before your appointment. Though you remain conscious, you are relaxed and may doze off during treatment. You will need a driver to get you home, and most patients have little memory of the appointment once the medication wears off.

Intravenous sedation brings a deeper level of relaxation, and dosage can be adjusted during the appointment. IV sedation can be a good choice for extractions, an extensive procedure, or children who need oral surgery. The effect is fully gone by morning.

Why Manhattan Beach, CA patients love sedation dentistry

  • Appointment time seems to pass quickly.
  • Likely to have jaw strain, or a stiff neck and back.
  • Sedation creates positive experiences that help to erase old, deeply-rooted fears.
  • Sedation isn’t just for patients with dental anxiety. It is beneficial for a busy individual who needs multiple procedures completed in one visit, someone with an active gag reflex, or anyone who has difficulty sitting still for the duration of an appointment.

With the warm compassion and gentle care of our staff, you may never need sedation. But isn’t it good to have the option? Call

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