Obtain Overbite Correction Using Clear Orthodontic Aligners

The Best Invisalign Treatments Near Me in Manhattan Beach Area

Do you struggle with an overbite? Have you been embarrassed by how it makes you look when you smile? Are you worried about speaking and eating efficiently? If you live in the Redondo Beach, California community and are interested in addressing your overbite with the help of a professional, it might be time to talk to the team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions for overbite correction. At our practice, we achieve results with Invisalign, a specialized clear orthodontic aligner treatment designed to reposition the teeth without metal brackets and wires. Dr. Don Mungcal of Manhattan Beach, California, can help you … Continue reading

Manhattan Beach Dentist Gives Best Tips for Invisalign Care

Tips For Invisalign Care Given By Dentist In Manhattan Beach CA Area

Caring for your Invisalign retainers is an essential component of your daily oral healthcare routine. Luckily, Dr. Don Mungcal of Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions has gathered his best tips and tricks for caring for your new Invisalign retainers! Dr. Mungcal has been the go-to dentist for Invisalign in Manhattan Beach, CA, for almost three decades. The Invisalign system works by scanning your teeth and creating a 3D image of your mouth. Your dentist then uses those scans to create custom trays designed to gradually shift your teeth into the proper alignment. Many people choose Invisalign over more traditional choices like … Continue reading

Why Choose Clear Teeth Aligners Over Other Teeth Straightening Options in Manhattan Beach, CA?

Why Choose Clear Teeth Aligners Over Other Teeth Straightening Options in Manhattan Beach, CA Area?

There are several benefits of choosing clear teeth aligners to straighten your teeth at your local Manhattan Beach, CA, dentist. The teeth straightening option of clear aligners at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions is available to patients of Dr. Don Mungcal. He has been serving patients since 1992 and was honored as the Best Dentist in Downtown by the Los Angeles Downtown News for four consecutive years. Dr. Mungcal takes the time to answer questions that patients often have about clear aligners. What are Clear Aligners? Clear aligners are custom-made sets of clear plastic trays that gradually shift your teeth into … Continue reading

Invisalign, the clear alternative to braces that patients love in Manhattan Beach CA, explained

Invisalign Clear Braces in Manhattan Beach CA area

You don’t have to wait two years or longer to fix the crooked or crowded teeth that make you feel less than confident about the look of your smile. As a convenient, comfortable, and cosmetic alternative to “metal mouth,” Invisalign clear “braces” in Manhattan Beach CA at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions straighten patients’ teeth, on average, in around 12 months – roughly half the time of traditional fixed orthodontic appliances. Throughout the process, you can see the improvement in the position of your teeth and the appearance of your smile. Since the appliances that do the straightening are made from … Continue reading

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Maintaining healthy gums and teeth has never been easier in Manhattan Beach, California with the impeccable services delivered by Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions. Outstanding personalized attention, emergency care, advanced methods, and trained staff make patients’ experiences smooth.

With almost three decades of clinical experience, Lead Dentist Dr. Don Mungcal focuses on understanding not only your dental goals and needs, but also you and your family’s medical history. He is passionate about staying abreast of modern dental technologies and spends several hundred hours annually on continuing education courses. Membership at the California Dental Society also enhances his knowledge and benefits his patients. Connect with Dr. Don Mungcal on Linkedin