Types of Veneers

Types of Veneers Manhattan Beach CA

Dental veneers are one of the most powerful cosmetic dentistry procedures. When you are settled on pursuing this smile makeover treatment, the only question is: What types of veneers are best for you? At Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, CA, we provide an expedited, sophisticated method for developing veneers. The procedure is so quick, in fact, that many patients can have a new smile in one day.

Veneers in a Day

CEREC is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology that gives you a new smile in one day. Veneers in a day might sound too good to be true, but with the CEREC 3D printer it is possible for patients to walk into their dental office with their natural teeth and walk out with customized veneers.

A dental practice that offers these types of veneers makes it possible for patients to get the smile makeover or repairs they need quickly. Here’s how CEREC works:

  • Once you are deemed a good candidate for veneers, you and your dentist discuss characteristics of the porcelain shields – color, size, shape, length, and translucency.
  • Computer-assisted design is used to create the veneers while you wait according to your dentist’s careful design parameters.
  • Veneers are fitted and checked for sizing, symmetry, and beauty so they look right and blend in with your appearance.

Advantages of Same-Day Veneers

There are several types of veneers, but there is no other type of veneer like same-day veneers. If you’re impatient about upgrading your smile, getting veneers in a day from an experienced dentist who uses CEREC technology delivers a stunning transformation without having to wait two weeks for a dental lab to create the veneers or sit through two to three dental appointments to complete the smile makeover.

CEREC, above all, speeds up the veneer process, but materials and design are not sacrificed for rapid work. Here’s what you can expect from this type of veneer:

  • Digital: No need for molds or impressions thanks to clear, precise digital images.
  • Careful creation: CEREC impressions are flawlessly made according to your dentist’s specifications.
  • Customized: Whether you’re getting a full set of veneers, replacing veneers, or fixing a few teeth, the high-quality materials used for CEREC types of veneers look natural and blend in with the rest of your smile.
  • On-site editing: Dental restorations made with CEREC mean that if something needs to be corrected or tweaked, it only takes minutes in your dentist’s office to get the right look and fit.

Types of Veneers for Busy Patients

Every adult is busy, and no one wants to wait longer than necessary for the new smile they’ve been dreaming of, but some patients need a smile makeover right away. Same-day porcelain veneers get the job done whether you’re getting married, going on a major trip, or have any other reason why you need to expedite those beautiful new teeth.

At Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions, our 3D printer for our same-day veneers is also used to create our porcelain crowns. Some patients even qualify for an excellent smile makeover that uses both types of restorations. We rely on top-of-the-line E-max porcelain to make CEREC veneers, making it possible to distinguish every factor, note every detail, and deliver a smile makeover that is truly unique to you alone.

Get Same-Day Veneers in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions offers a comprehensive menu of customized dental restorations and cosmetic dentistry upgrades, including veneers in a day. Same-day veneers are a popular choice among patients who are ready to change their smile immediately and what a guaranteed system that will design their new teeth to their specifications and bond them securely in place.

If you are interested in learning about types of veneers and discussing your own smile makeover, contact our dental office to schedule a consultation.

If you are interested in learning about types of veneers and discussing your own smile makeover, Call


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