Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Have you noticed how some smiles simply “pop” on television, internet selfies, and in person? The secret is often professional teeth whitening. The same methods that get red carpet smiles sparkling is available in Manhattan Beach, CA at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions.

Teeth Whitening 101

Teeth whitening is extremely popular for three great reasons:

  • It is an economical cosmetic dental treatment.
  • It makes a noticeable difference in your smile.
  • In the care of a trained dental team, teeth whitening is safe, comfortable, and effective.

A prescription strength peroxide formulation goes deep into microscopic channels in tooth enamel. It loosens and lifts pigments left behind by foods, beverages, and tobacco. Professional whitening can even lighten teeth beyond their naturally-clean shade by bleaching the yellowish dentin layer beneath the enamel.

Manhattan Beach, CA patients have options in teeth whitening

Are you in a hurry? If you need a brighter smile fast, in-office whitening is a good choice. First the dentist makes sure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for cosmetic treatment. Then the hygienist protects your eyes, lips, and gums. The bleaching agent is applied to teeth and activated with an LED light for about 15 minutes. You simply relax while the process is repeated up to four times. The dentist may suggest finishing up with a fluoride treatment to minimize risk of sensitivity. You leave the office in about an hour, with a dramatically whiter smile.

If you prefer a gradual technique, at-home whitening is for you. We create custom-fit application trays from impressions of your mouth. Fill them with medical grade whitening gel and wear the trays for about an hour each day. If you prefer, you may whiten while you sleep. Though this method is gentle, if you experience sensitivity, a buffering ingredient can be added.

No matter which method you choose, once your smile is as white as you like, vibrant results are easy to maintain. Just re-treat periodically at home, and keep up with regular cleaning and checkup appointments.

Is whitening the right choice for your teeth? Schedule a visit to our Manhattan Beach, CA office to find out. The number is

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