Dental Implants 101

For most people with missing teeth, dental implants are the best way to fill those holes in your smile. Learn as much as you can about this treatment and whether you qualify as a likely candidate with the following dental implants 101 details from Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, CA.

The Parts of a Dental Implant

There are three components to every dental implant – titanium post, abutment, and prosthesis. The post is surgically placed in the jawbone and topped with an abutment. After the area has healed, the customized prosthesis – a porcelain crown, dental bridge, or permanent denture – is bonded to the abutment. This composition forms a complete tooth to replace what’s missing, including root and crown.

What a Dental Implant Feels Like

Dental implants are designed to look and feel like natural teeth. Once the surgical area is healed and the restoration is complete, your new tooth or teeth will feel like they’ve always been in those spots. The only thing that will feel different is having teeth where there weren’t any before.

How Long the Dental Implant Procedure Takes

Dental implant surgery time will vary based on how many implants you are getting and where they are being placed. Typically, one dental implant requires one to two hours to complete.

The healing from surgery takes significant time. The implant must fuse fully with the jawbone just like the natural tooth root used to. Healing will likely take months and your Manhattan Beach dentist will monitor you through the process.

The final step is to have the permanent restoration attached to the abutment so there are no longer any holes in your smile.

How to Avoid Dentures Forever

Many patients with missing teeth are interested in dental implants because they are terrified of removable dentures. Through the All-On-4 dental implants process, a permanent denture is attached to four strategically placed dental implants. You get a large, complete, permanent restoration without covering your palate or requiring adhesive. Anyone missing multiple teeth in one arch or one area of their mouth often benefit from this procedure.

Common Procedures Completed Before Dental Implants

Many people qualify for dental implants, but some of these patients must undergo other dental work first to prepare their mouth. Missing teeth are often caused by gum disease, and this infection needs to be treated first to create a strong, healthy foundation for a new smile.

Bone grafts are another common pre-implant procedure. Patients who do not have enough jawbone to support a dental implant need a piece of bone placed in the jaw to improve density and allow for the osseointegration of the dental implant so it stays put forever.

Benefits of Getting Customized Dental Implants

The biggest benefit of getting dental implants is replacing the missing teeth in your smile, of course. But there are plenty of other excellent side effects of this treatment, including:

  • Look better: Missing teeth make you look older and unhealthy. Fill them in and your smile is complete.
  • Feel better: Implants are the ultimate confidence boost. You’ll be happy to smile, laugh, speak, and chew.
  • Prevent bone loss: A compressed-looking face caused by missing teeth is reversed through the benefit of a stimulated jawbone which prevents the loss of bone density.
  • Easy upkeep: Once in place, implants should be flossed and brushed daily. See your dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup.
  • Secure teeth:  Neighboring teeth will eventually float out of place to fill in holes in your smile but implants prevent misalignment, tissue damage, and crooked teeth.

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