Dental Implants

Step-by-Step Guide to the Dental Implant Procedure 

Tooth Implant Surgery in Manhattan Beach CA area

Have you lost teeth or want to replace troublesome teeth in Manhattan Beach, California? Consider dental implants from Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions, the next best thing to your natural teeth. Although dental implants aren’t quite what nature gave you, they’re as good as natural teeth and possibly better than your failing tooth. Dental implant surgery: What to expect Dental implants have three components. The first is a titanium post that sits beneath the gums. It acts as an artificial tooth root. Above the implant fixture sits an abutment that links the implant to the final restoration. The top component of the implant is a … Continue reading

Dental Implants as a Cosmetic Restoration

Cosmetic Dental Implants in Manhattan Beach CA area

Cosmetic dentistry is a specific field of dental work that focuses not only on the restoration of the teeth and gums but in restorations that look and function at their best. Patients who are missing the front teeth, several teeth, or even molars near the back of the mouth may be curious about their tooth replacement options. Our team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions may recommend a reliable solution known as dental implants, which continue to be the most desirable way to restore a smile after tooth loss or extraction. How do dental implants work? Dr. Don Mungcal of Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions … Continue reading

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