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In many cases, a chipped tooth is a cosmetic issue. It’s extremely noticeable if it affects a prominent tooth and can make you feel self-conscious. Even though this kind of damage doesn’t always hurt, every chipped tooth, anywhere in your mouth, should be considered a dental emergency and reported to your dentist at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Why a Chipped Tooth Is Always a Dental Emergency

It isn’t always easy to tell if a chipped tooth is a surface problem or a deeper issue. You may find the problem inconvenient but assume that the chip’s location isn’t that big of a deal and the problem can wait, but it’s always important to treat a chipped tooth as a dental emergency. Only your Manhattan Beach cosmetic dentist is the right resource to determine where you stand and what needs to be done next.

Even if you aren’t experiencing any pain or discomfort because of the chip, the issue could be problematic because of:

  • Interior damage: Sometimes the damage to a tooth goes deeper than you can see or feel. There may be an infection within the pulp or a filling that is deteriorating.
  • Weakness: Sometimes a tooth is weakened by a chip and sometimes it chips because it’s weak. Thin or weak tooth enamel is often to blame and this factor will influence the restoration needed.
  • Teeth grinding: When a chipped tooth is caused by chronic teeth grinding, it’s not just the damaged tooth that needs to be addressed with the bruxism problem. Without intervention with a night guard, chips, cracks, and other dental damage is sure to occur again.
  • Bad habits: Biting your nails, opening packages or bottles with your teeth, and using your teeth for anything but eating is a sure route to dental damage.

Repairs for a Chipped Tooth

There are several viable methods for correcting a chipped tooth. The location of the tooth and the extent of the damage will influence what type of cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry solution your dentist recommends for the right repair.

  • Same-day porcelain veneer: When your chipped tooth is a purely cosmetic issue, repairing it is swift and easy with a same-day porcelain veneer. Customized in size, shape, color, and length to match the rest of your teeth, this fix corrects your smile as though nothing ever happened.
  • Composite fillingDepending on the size and location of your chipped tooth, a tooth-colored composite filling may be all that is needed to fill in the space left behind and build up your tooth to its original size and shape.
  • Dental bonding: Dental bonding is a fast and non-invasive repair, ideal for minor chips to tooth enamel. The resin fixes and beautifies a damaged tooth and resizes and reshapes enamel to look natural and blend in with the rest of your teeth.
  • Same-day crownIt is a huge relief for people who suffer from a chipped tooth to know their dentist can repair the problem that very day. Same-day crowns are made right in the dentist’s office and bonded in place for an immediate repair to the entire tooth. This is an ideal solution for someone whose tooth could be further damaged without immediate intervention and creates a robust repair.

Get Emergency Dental Care for a Chipped Tooth in Manhattan Beach

While a chipped tooth may sound like a minor problem, there could always be a deeper issue at play, and that makes a chipped tooth an automatic dental emergency. If you experience this problem, don’t wait until your next dental visit to get it checked out. Take care of your dental problem in the moment to minimize the chance of developing additional dental complications. Contact Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach to schedule an emergency dental visit and find out the next best steps.

Contact Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach to schedule an emergency dental visit and find out the next best steps.

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