Dental Implants Durability

Dental Implants Durability at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions

Replacing missing teeth is a big deal. When you are ready to invest in your oral health and fill any holes in your smile, the smartest choice you can make is dental implants. When it comes to restorative dentistry treatments, dental implants durability is legendary, delivering repairs that make smiles stronger, healthier, and more attractive. At Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, CA, Dr. Don Mungcal and his dental team specialize in dental implants to create complete smiles.

Features That Create Dental Implants Durability

While dental bridges and dentures are excellent ways to replace missing teeth, implants are an incredibly strong restoration that restore form and function. The components of dental implants make all the difference in dental implants durability with features that include the following:

  • Post: The titanium post surgically implanted into the jawbone is designed to replace the missing tooth root and establish its presence within the jaw. The post promotes strength and security and grounds the implant in your smile.
  • Abutment: A metal abutment is attached to the post during the initial surgery and pokes out just slightly above the gumline so a prosthetic tooth can be added to it.
  • New tooth: A customized porcelain crown is eventually attached to the abutment permanently to complete the restoration.

Durable Permanent Dental Implant Procedures

No matter how many dental implants you receive, the restorations are durable and powerful, especially when you replace teeth that are side by side or an entire arch of teeth. Missing teeth – whether one or many – can be restored using customized dental implants durability which can include one of the following options:

  • Singular dental implant: Replacing one missing tooth can save you from misalignment, tissue damage, pain, and damage to nearby teeth.
  • Implant dentures: Reliability is the name of every dental implant, eliminating the need for a removable appliance. Combining the best of dentures and dental implants creates an excellent smile restoration for patients who have struggled with dentures.
  • All-On-4 dental implants: When you want to avoid dentures but need to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, All-On-4 uses four dental implants placed in high-density areas of the jaw and combines them with a partial denture or dental bridge without covering the palate or requiring adhesive.
  • Full-mouth dental implants: If your smile is so compromised that you need new teeth on the top and bottom of your mouth, dental implants can get the job done. This ambitious restoration takes time and care but gives you your life back so you can smile, bite, chew, eat, and speak confidently.

Signs of Dental Implants Durability

It may feel too good to be true to learn about dental implants durability, but this procedure really does deliver on all its promises:

  • Complete: Teeth are restored both above and below the gumline.
  • Fixed tooth: Implants are surgically implanted in the jawbone and permanently locked in place. They will never move from their location.
  • Comfortable: Once you’re used to having a tooth where there used to be a space, your restoration will feel comfortable and just like a normal tooth.
  • Functional: You can speak, bite, chew, and smile without worrying about anything shifting in your mouth.
  • Strong: The dental implant fuses more with the jawbone every day and becomes stronger and stronger as the surgical area heals.
  • Healthy: The materials that make up a dental implant cannot become decayed or infected.

Be patient with the process, especially the time it takes for the surgical area to heal, and you will reap all the rewards of dental implant durability, including a fully functional and complete smile.

Ask Your Manhattan Beach Dentist About Dental Implants Durability

If you are missing teeth, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mungcal and the dental team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions. We are eager to help you find the best restorative dentistry solution for your oral health problems so you can have the beautiful, healthy teeth you deserve. Contact us today.

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