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No matter what’s going on with the appearance or condition of your teeth, you already qualify as a smile makeover candidate. What you and your dentist need to determine is the cosmetic or restorative dentistry treatments that will achieve the smile upgrade you want. At Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, CA, Dr. Don Mungcal and his team are dedicated to creating customized smile makeovers, matching the patient with the right dental procedures for their oral health.

The Definition of a Smile Makeover

Every smile makeover is different and customized to the patient. Some people need only one or two small tweaks to their teeth, others need in-depth changes that require multiple procedures over weeks or months. If you still don’t believe that you’re a viable smile makeover candidate, there are many signs that indicate you are:

  • Your smile makes you feel embarrassed, self-conscious, or unattractive
  • Your teeth and gums are unhealthy
  • You experience toothaches and mouth and jaw pain
  • You know exactly what you wish your smile looked like
  • You have many complaints about your smile

Your Manhattan Beach dentist will conduct a dental exam to review the health of your teeth and gums and have a conversation with you about your smile goals, comfort level, and budget. From there, you will be given recommendations about the best path to a new smile, whether you need restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry or only an aesthetic upgrade.

The Ideal Smile Makeover Candidate

It’s been determined that you’re an excellent smile makeover candidate. Now, you can continue to help the process go smoothly by exhibiting the following behaviors:

  • Patience: You might want your smile upgrade to appear after one dental visit, but smile makeovers don’t always work this way. Some patients need gum disease treatment or dental restorations before they can pursue cosmetic adjustments. The foundation for your new smile needs to be solid and healthy, and that may take weeks or months of waiting or healing.
  • Open-mindedness: If you’re set on getting an upgraded smile, you may also believe your best route to achieve it is with, say, porcelain veneers, or dental implants. Your dentist may make other recommendations that are far more doable and faster. Trust their expertise. You both want your teeth to look better, work better, and feel better – how you achieve that can vary.
  • Persistence: Even if you hit some speed bumps along the way – unexpected tooth decay or illness or dental damage – persist. Your dentist knows that your smile makeover can be a reality. It just might not happen as quickly as you envisioned. Don’t give up.

What Kind of Smile Makeover Candidate Are You?

You know yourself best, and if you’re seeing your regular dentist, they know your oral health best. This is an excellent combination when it comes to getting a smile makeover. Two experts, working together to achieve perfection. Because that’s truly what the goal of getting a smile upgrade is – going after the ideal look. Whether you want your teeth to look like a celebrity’s or simply be the best version of themselves, you can achieve beauty, flawlessness, and long-lasting smile change.

If you’re ready to discover what kind of smile makeover candidate you are, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mungcal or a member of his team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions. Find out what can be done about your gaps, misalignment, stains, short teeth, and all your dental imperfections. No matter what your smile looks like now, it can become amazing with the right procedures and time.

If you’re ready to discover what kind of smile makeover candidate you are, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mungcal or a member of his team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions.

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