Dental Implants

Dental Implants

A missing tooth mars the look of your smile. Even a few spaces can allow your other teeth to go crooked. Loss of all teeth can have a devastating effect on how you talk, eat, and feel about your appearance. Fortunately, the team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, CA is experienced in all phases of dental implants – today’s premier treatment for missing teeth.

Understanding Implants

Natural teeth have roots that provide support for biting and chewing. While a partial denture or bridge replaces the crown that is visible in your smile, it sits on top of gum tissue. Only a dental implant provides the stability of a tooth firmly rooted in bone. In addition, only an implant can help to preserve jawbone, for more youthful facial features.

An implant is a cylinder made of a strong material that is compatible with bodily tissues. The placement procedure is an oral surgery performed on-site at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions, well-planned for efficiency and precision. Usually only local numbing is needed, and the small soft tissue incision heals quickly.

The implant becomes integrated into bone over the course of several months. Then, a post is inserted into the implant and topped with a porcelain crown. The restoration looks like your own tooth, feels normal, and is fully-functional. With good oral hygiene, the implant can last many years – potentially for the rest of your life.

Manhattan Beach, CA patients benefit from dental implants in many ways

  • Single tooth replacement – To close the space left by a missing tooth, as described above.
  • Multiple teeth at various locations in the mouth – There is basically no limit to how many individual teeth can be restored with implants.
  • Up to five in a row – A three- to five-tooth dental bridge can be secured with just two dental implants.
  • Entire arch – Implant supported dentures provide an unsurpassed level of comfort and stability. Plus, the upper denture doesn’t cover the palate, for normal taste and sensation.

With advanced bone grafting techniques, most people can be candidates for dental implants. Call

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