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The importance of replacing missing teeth

When you are missing one or more teeth, especially an entire arch of teeth, you can leave yourself susceptible to many unwanted and dramatic side effects over time including:

  • Spaces in your smile
  • Sunken face (where the missing teeth are)
  • Changes in face shape
  • Bone deterioration
  • Unstimulated jawbone
  • Compressed appearance

While many people claim they would rather live without all their teeth than have to deal with dentures, modern dental restoration has become far more tolerable and natural-looking than the dentures of decades ago. You have options with modern dentures, and you and your Manhattan Beach dentist will work together to develop a solution that is comfortable and workable for you.

One important thing to remember is that teeth are like dominos: when one goes, they eventually all go. Like any good partnership, they need to be supported by each other in order to last a long time.

At Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions, we customize our dentures to each patient, so they fit securely and look natural. We carefully design your dentures to the right size, color, and shape, so they blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Restore your smile and live confidently once again with customized dentures from Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions!

Types of dentures

Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth as well as the supporting tissues. Whether you have lost teeth because of an accident, age, gum disease, extraction, or otherwise, we can help. For many, dentures are a great solution.

At Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions, our dentists offer several types of dentures, including:

  • Full denture: When many people hear the word “dentures,” full dentures are what they’re envisioning – an arch of false teeth that require adhesive and suction to stay in place and must be removed daily for cleaning. It takes time to adjust to dentures that cover the palate, but the modern version of this dental restoration is carefully customized and adjusted to fit as snugly and comfortably as possible along the gum line.
  • Partial denture: A partial denture is removable and usually replaces one or more missing teeth with a gum-colored appliance and prosthetic teeth. Clasps hold the framework in place, making removal of the denture for daily cleaning easier, and eliminating the need for adhesives. With a partial denture in place, the remaining teeth are supported preventing them from drifting into the gaps left by missing teeth.
  • Permanent denture: When you want to avoid full dentures and anything to do with adhesives, permanent dentures may be an option if your jawbone is strong enough. This dental restoration involves the careful placement of dental implants and attaching a permanent denture to them for a secure, natural-looking, long-lasting solution. Teeth look and function normally, the denture helps prevent bone loss, and normal brushing and flossing is the only cleaning needed.

Reasons to love modern dentures

Dentures are a reliable solution for missing teeth. While adjusting to this change in your oral health will take time and patience, the effort is worth it.

  • Correct all functional problems. If you want to be able to eat, speak, and smile without worry, carefully fitted dentures can help you do that.
  • Beautify your smile. No matter how pulled together you are, your appearance will be overtaken by a mouthful of missing teeth. Dentures restore your beautiful smile and your confidence. 
  • Improve your confidence. Missing teeth are both emotionally and mentally taxing, but a complete smile will prevent you from feeling self-conscious or embarrassed. Instead, modern dentures will increase your confidence and help you feel secure about your appearance.

Are you a good candidate for dentures?

There are multiple ways to replace missing teeth, including dental bridges and dental implants. Dentures, however, may be the right solution for you.

Find out whether you’re a good candidate for dentures at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss all your options.

Contact us to find out whether you’re a good candidate for dentures from Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions.

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