Do Composite Dental Fillings Last Forever? Understanding When to Replace Tooth-colored Fillings

Composite Resin Tooth Filling in Manhattan Beach CA Area

When you have a cavity, Dr. Don Mungcal will recommend a composite filling to restore your tooth. Composite (white) fillings are non-metal restorations made from glass and acrylic plastic. Composite resin is a biocompatible material that can be shaded to resemble your natural teeth for a seamless appearance. 

But how long do composite fillings last? Can they be replaced? Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions answers everything you need to know about the longevity and replacement of tooth-colored fillings. 

How long do white fillings last?

Although composite resin is metal-free, this material is incredibly resilient to repair damage anywhere in your mouth. While metal fillings were preferred for back teeth because of constant grinding forces, composite fillings have been designed to be stronger than ever. These fillings are durable and strong enough to restore your posterior teeth, although they may need replacement sooner than those placed on the front teeth.

Now to the real question: How long do composite fillings last? Everything in life has an expiry date, and composite restorations aren’t an exception. The average lifespan of composite fillings is 5-7 years, but some remain in great shape for up to 10 years! 

Factors that affect the lifespan of fillings

All composite fillings in your mouth don’t wear out simultaneously. The longevity of your fillings depends on factors like:

  • Oral habits — poor oral hygiene may cause decay to the surrounding enamel, damaging your filling. Brush and floss daily to keep your fillings looking brand new. Also, avoid smoking to prevent staining your restorations.
  • Location in the mouth — fillings in the chewing surfaces of back teeth wear out faster than those placed in between teeth.
  • Diet — excessively hard or chewy foods (like ice, candy, and nuts) cause your fillings to wear out faster. Eating sugary foods can cause cavities to develop on your remaining healthy tooth, affecting the integrity of your fillings.
  • Bruxism — teeth grinding applies pressure on your teeth, damaging your enamel and fillings. We recommend a custom nightguard for patients with chronic tooth grinding. 

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When to replace your white fillings

You should replace your filling immediately if you notice signs of wear and tear. Over time, chewing and grinding pressure can cause your filling to crack, loosen, or fall out. When your filling doesn’t protect the tooth underneath, bacteria can seep into your tooth and cause further damage. You should replace your filling immediately to continue protecting your tooth.

Another reason to replace your filling is when it becomes stained. Staining may cause your filling to “stand out” whenever you open your mouth. Have your discolored filling replaced so that it can blend with your smile once again.

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Still, have more unanswered questions about composite fillings? Please call 310-340-6663 to talk to Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions. We’ll answer everything you need to know about white fillings, including benefits, maintenance, longevity, and cost.

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