Skip the wait and achieve your dream smile with Same-day Porcelain Dental Veneers

Porcelain Dental Veneers in Manhattan Beach California Area

You brush and floss your teeth daily. Every six months, you visit a dentist to keep your oral health in tip-top condition. However, there may still be aspects of your smile you don’t like. Your teeth look healthy and clean, but you may want more than that.

To get a smile you will be remembered for, this requires the intervention of a cosmetic dentist. You need more than at-home oral care for a balanced, symmetrical, and sparkling smile. At Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions, we offer cosmetic dentistry services, and veneers are usually the most common treatment we use to transform smiles in Manhattan Beach, California.

Same-day porcelain veneers

When you need to rev up your smile with veneers from a typical cosmetic dental office, you need a minimum of two visits. Thanks to advances in technology, we can revive your smile with veneers in just one appointment! But how is this possible?

With CEREC technology (a 3D printer that creates durable and strong porcelain crowns and veneers), Dr. Don Mungcal and the team can fashion your veneers as you wait. For same-day veneers, preparation, creation, and installation are condensed into one day. No long wait. No temporary veneers. No worries! We transform your smile with unparalleled convenience, comfort, and accuracy.




The procedure for same-day veneers

Like any other dental procedure, knowing what to expect alleviates fears and surprises down the road. Receiving single-visit veneers is a straightforward and painless procedure that involves:

  • Teeth preparation: After examining the health of your teeth, the next step is to prepare them. This involves the removal of a small portion of your enamel to create room for veneers and is done under anesthesia to minimize discomfort – so that you don’t end up with any bulky Chiclet-like teeth.
  • Digital impressions: With CEREC, expect no goopy molds. We take “impressions” or more accurately scans of your prepped teeth with a CEREC handheld wand.
  • Veneer creation: Here, Dr. Mungcal fine-tunes your digital images to design veneers that match the details of your smile. Once your veneers are designed, we feed the images into an in-house 3D printing machine for fabrication.
  • Installation: Once your veneers are ready, Dr. Mungcal will apply a bonding agent on your prepped teeth and then place the veneers. Finally, we use a special light to harden the adhesive for a permanent bond.

Ready to invest in a photo-ready smile? Please contact 310-340-6663 to book an appointment with Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions for same-day dental veneers.

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