Correct Gum Recession with Non-surgical Pinhole Gum Grafting Technique

Pinhole Gum Grafting Technique in Manhattan Beach California Area

If you are among the 50% of Americans with gum recession, you already know that the condition causes extreme tooth sensitivity when taking cold or hot drinks. And that’s not all. A receding gum line exposes your roots to decay and doesn’t do justice to your beautiful smile.

There is some good news, though. If the idea of invasive gum graft surgery has made you delay fixing your gum recession, we have a solution. Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions offers Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation services to correct receding gums. No scalpels, no sutures, and no gum tissue graft!

Causes of receding gums

Gum recession happens when the gingival tissues surrounding the tooth pull away or wear out, revealing more of the tooth. One of the main causes of receding gums is periodontal disease. Gum infection destroys healthy gingival tissues, causing them to pull away from your teeth. The other factors that increase the likelihood of receding gums include:

  • Aggressive brushing
  • Hormonal changes
  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • Dental trauma
  • Teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism)

Mild gum recession caused by periodontal disease can be treated with deep dental cleanings alongside antibiotic therapy. However, if the gum pockets are too deep, periodontal scaling and root planing may not be enough to fix your gum line. In such cases, you need gum surgery to restore your gum health.

How Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) works

The traditional gum graft surgery works by removing healthy tissue from the roof of your mouth (palate), creating an incision along the gum line, and then inserting the gum graft before suturing it in place. While this treatment works, it results in considerable bleeding and swelling and takes time to heal.

You don’t always have to undergo this process to correct your gum line. Dr. Don Mungcal uses the Pinhole Gum Grafting Technique to address gum recession. This treatment works by making small holes along your gum line using a tiny needle.

Using special tissues, we guide the gingival tissue over the receded part of your tooth. Instead of sutures, we use collagen strips to hold your gums in place. Amazingly, Dr. Mungcal can correct multiple teeth in less than one hour. In light of this, we can fix your entire mouth in just one appointment!

Correct Gum Recession with Non-surgical Pinhole Gum Grafting


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Benefits of Pinhole Surgical Technique

If you choose PST over traditional gum grafting, you enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Shorter recovery period
  • Less discomfort during and after treatment
  • No need for invasive tools like scalpels
  • There is no need to harvest healthy tissues from other parts of your body
  • Faster treatment — your entire mouth can be done in one visit
  • No need for sutures
  • It produces satisfactory results that last

Nothing ages your smile and face more than a receding gum line. Furthermore, gum recession exposes your teeth to decay and extreme sensitivity. With PST, receding gums can be corrected without incising, grafting, or stitching.

Rejuvenate your smile with non-surgical gum therapy

Dr. Mungcal is among a handful of doctors offering this breakthrough treatment in the US. If you are residing in Manhattan Beach, CA, and want to find out about this treatment, please dial 310-340-6663 to book an appointment with Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions. We are a family-oriented practice offering treatments for all family members as needed. 

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