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Advanced treatment for periodontal disease in Manhattan Beach, CA

Lady is suffering from Gum disease

Periodontal disease has likely been around as long as humans have walked the earth. Yet, utilizing modern scientific advances, treatment for this serious condition is more effective than ever before. The team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions brings this breakthrough to patients in the Manhattan Beach, CA area.

Understanding gum disease

Bacteria are single-celled organisms, commonly believed to be the first life form on our planet. They are too small to be seen with the naked eye, but were first identified under magnification in the late 1600s. Bacteria are found throughout our environment – air, water, and soil – and in our bodies. Some bacteria are beneficial to our species, but others (referred to as pathogens) cause disease.

There are hundreds of strains of oral bacteria, and most people have at least 70 in their mouths. The types that trigger gum disease, and the combinations and concentrations of those strains present in your mouth, play a major role in determining if you develop this dangerous condition.

Bacteria flourish in the warm, moist environment of the mouth. They create a clear biofilm. This tacky layer of plaque protects bacteria from being flushed away by saliva, and it traps sugars and starches left behind by your eating habits. Like all living things, as bacteria eat, they produce excretions. Harmful strains expel acidic waste that inflames gum tissue. If plaque isn’t removed frequently with brushing and flossing, and thoroughly with regular professional cleanings, it hardens into tartar where gums meet teeth. The rough texture of tartar is a further irritant.

As gum become puffy and diseased, they loosen from teeth. That allows bacteria to make their way deeper. Without focused dental care, gum disease compromises ligaments and bone that stabilize teeth. Eventually teeth get loose and you must have them pulled or they fall out on their own.

Meanwhile, diseased soft tissues allow bacteria to infiltrate your bloodstream. Bacterial strains that cause gum disease are also linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, respiratory problems, premature birth, and other health issues.

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Why traditional treatment is not enough

The conventional approach to treating periodontal disease is somewhat one-size-fits-all:

  • Plaque and tartar are removed from teeth with a deep cleaning process.
  • Root surfaces are smoothed to foster a good seal of gums to teeth. In some cases, this is done with instruments that reach into periodontal pockets. In severe situations, flap surgery is performed, cutting and folding gum tissue back to expose roots.
  • Diseased gum tissue is trimmed away.
  • Pockets are sterilized.
  • Gums are stitched back in place.

While scaling and root planing initially knocks oral bacteria counts down and gets gum disease under control, it does not address the underlying problem. Thus, periodontal disease comes back, and frequent re-treatment is needed. Broad-spectrum topical and oral antibiotics can be prescribed, but they tend to wipe out both beneficial and harmful bacteria.

Find tailored periodontal disease treatment in Manhattan Beach, CA

Boy is suffering from Gum Disease

The periodontal defense team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions takes a different approach. Rather than focusing on removal of tartar build-up, they hone-in on the bacteria aspect unique to your mouth. Why? Thus far, 11 types of bacteria have been identified in modern dentistry as being associated with periodontal disease. Five are resistant to home hygiene and professional cleaning. Four are considered highly-aggressive threats to periodontal health.

We take a painless saliva sample and examine it on-site, under a microscope. Then we use a sophisticated DNA testing technique to further pinpoint bacterial strains and populations in the saliva sample. (Please note that this type of DNA testing is in no way an invasion of your privacy. It looks at oral bacteria only, not genetic traits.)

Once we understand which bacteria are contributing to your specific situation, the doctor is in a good position to construct a personalized treatment strategy using the right medications and antibiotics to reduce or eliminate imbalances that allow gum disease to thrive. The goal is to restore your mouth to a healthier state, and maintain that status, with as little trauma as possible. While you can expect a proper periodontal cleaning, our non-surgical therapy is gentler and more effective than conventional techniques.

Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions brings nearly three decades of experience and a legacy of more than 10,000 patients to the Manhattan Beach, CA area. Call 310-340-6663 to schedule treatment for periodontal disease, designed just for you.

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