Using laser treatment for gum disease

Laser Treatment For Gum Diseases in Manhattan Beach CA Area

AManhattan Beach Dental Solutions, Dr. Don Mungcal and his team of highly-skilled professionals specialize in treating gum disease with laser treatments. Patients in and around Manhattan Beach, California, who are diagnosed with gum disease and seeking a comfortable yet effective treatment can ask about laser treatment and gum reshaping available at our office.

Why choose laser treatment for gum disease?

Our team can effectively reduce inflammation and periodontal pockets without incisions or scalpels using advanced technology. Laser treatment for gum disease is a safe and effective way to treat common problems like gum recession, pocket reduction, and removal of diseased tissue caused by infection or plaque buildup.

How does laser treatment for periodontal disease work?

Laser treatment for gum disease works by delivering short bursts of energy to the affected area. This causes minimal discomfort and no bleeding. The light energy produced by the laser helps to kill bacteria while simultaneously stimulating the regeneration of healthy tissue. This helps improve the health of your gums while also preventing further damage from occurring. After a few simple treatments, you will experience an improvement in your overall oral health and wellness. In addition, our team may also provide laser gum reshaping to realign the gum line to further address the smile’s appearance.

Laser Treatment for Periodontal Disease


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Is laser treatment painful?

One of the primary benefits of laser gum treatment is that it is painless. Many patients report feeling minimal discomfort throughout their procedure. Additionally, laser treatments work faster than traditional methods, meaning patients can expect a quicker recovery from the treatment session. We prioritize patient comfort at our office, ensuring everyone has a positive experience in the dental chair!

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Dr. Don Mungcal is committed to ensuring patients have access to today’s amazing technology to care for their smiles. If you have a gum disease diagnosis and are seeking a comfortable and effective treatment, we welcome you to Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions to learn more about our solutions.

Call 310-340-6663 to request a visit today. We are open to patients in and around El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and North Redondo Beach, CA.

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