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Let’s face it. There are times when, despite your best efforts to prevent cavities, the teeth of you and your loved ones may suffer damage that causes a cavity to form. Cavities can lead to more significant issues if not dealt with immediately. At Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions in Manhattan Beach, California, Dr. Don Mungcal and his fantastic team can fill cavities using safe and effective white composite filling treatments that leave your smile and those of your loved ones looking like a million bucks!

Dental Issues Tooth-Colored Fillings Can Address

Tooth-colored fillings are a versatile dental solution that can address oral health concerns beyond the typical association with cavities. While many people may think of fillings solely as a remedy for decay, a variety of other dental issues can benefit from this effective treatment.

Suppose you or a family member is experiencing tooth decay, a cracked tooth, a chipped tooth, an oddly shaped tooth, a gapped tooth, a deteriorating tooth, or a discolored tooth. In such cases, tooth-colored fillings may be the ideal solution. These fillings can provide a reliable fix for various dental problems, helping restore your oral health and enhancing your smile.

The Benefits of Having Tooth-Colored Fillings

Beyond addressing existing dental issues, tooth-colored fillings can also help to prevent future complications. By stabilizing and strengthening teeth, fillings protect neighboring teeth, reducing the risk of future problems.

When you choose tooth-colored fillings, you can feel confident that you are investing wisely in your oral health. These practical and durable fillings blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, creating a beautiful, natural-looking smile you can be proud of.

If you or your family are experiencing any of the dental issues mentioned above, tooth-colored fillings may be the right choice. These fillings offer a reliable and effective solution for various oral health concerns.

Tooth-Colored Fillings


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The Different Types of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dr. Mungcal‘s recommendation for the best filling material will depend on your preferences and the type of restoration you require. Regardless of the filling material, it will be color-matched to your natural tooth enamel to create a seamless, natural-looking repair.

Composite fillings are the most common type of tooth-colored fillings used for small- to medium-sized cavities. They are designed to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible while providing a durable and esthetically pleasing restoration.

Your dentist may opt for a porcelain filling for larger cavities on the tooth’s chewing surface. These fillings are firm and resistant to staining, making them an excellent option for restoring larger areas of the tooth.

Inlays and onlays are used for more extensive restorations that require more than a standard filling but less than a full crown. Inlays are placed atop the tooth, while onlays blanket the top and at least one cusp. Onlays are sometimes referred to as partial crowns.

It’s worth noting that silver fillings are not included in this list, as they do not resemble tooth-colored fillings in any way. Amalgam fillings are also problematic because they contain trace amounts of mercury which can cause a tooth to expand, fracture, or become discolored over time. Many patients with silver fillings now choose to replace them with composite fillings for safety and aesthetics.

Repair Cherished Smiles with Tooth-Colored Fillings

To find out which tooth-colored filling suits you or your family, call Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions at 310-340-6663 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mungcal.

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