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Manhattan Beach, CA, dentist offers the perfect solution for a brighter smile: professional teeth whitening

Perfect Teeth Whitening in Manhattan Beach Ca Area

A common cosmetic dentistry complaint heard from Manhattan Beach, California area, patients is that of an imperfect smile. In many situations, patients are unhappy with how yellowed, stained, or discolored their teeth have become over time. A quick and simple way to address this problem is to find the perfect teeth whitening solution. Our professional team is dedicated to providing quality bleaching options for patients to choose from to brighten the smile and feel more confident in sharing it with others.

What makes professional teeth whitening different than non-professorial solutions?

You have seen the choices available in your local drugstore’s oral healthcare aisles. There is a wide range of over-the-counter teeth whitening products lining the shelves, but which one’s work? Some patients believe if they spend more, they will get better quality results, but the truth is, the products available on the drugstore shelves cannot be too concentrated, or they cannot be sold to the general public. Instead, the team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions encourages patients to ask their dental team about professional whitening solutions, which are more concentrated and much more effective in helping patients achieve the results they desire.

Why choose professional teeth whitening solutions?

While our professional options are more expensive than anything available over the counter, their active ingredients are stronger since the treatment is monitored by a dental professional. This ensures a whiter, brighter smile in a shorter time while focusing on ensuring patients do not experience any sensitivity.

What options are available?

Dr. Don Mungcal is pleased to provide two options:

  • In-home whitening – with a custom tray and take-home bleaching gel, patients can brighten their smiles in the privacy of their own homes.
  • In-office whitening – an alternative is our convenient in-office whitening, which provides same-day results with chairside treatment.

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Ready for a brilliantly beautiful smile?

Learn more about the professional whitening solutions available at our Manhattan Beach, California area practice. Dr. Don Mungcal is pleased to provide two options for patients to choose from in enhancing their smiles. Call 310-340-6663 to schedule a consultation appointment with our front office team and visit us at our facility located at 1213 Manhattan Avenue.

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