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Restore the appearance and resilience of your teeth with Same-day Crowns

Same Day CEREC Crowns in Redondo Beach California Area

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, you may want to have it restored as quickly as possible if it’s causing you pain and a deterioration in oral functionality. With same-day dental crowns from Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions, we can restore your tooth within just one appointment! For you as a patient, this means less money spent and more time saved on your hectic schedule.

Are same-day dental crowns a fact or fiction?

If you’ve had a crown installed before, you probably required a minimum of two dental appointments. In the first visit, your teeth were prepped, bite impressions were taken, and then you had to go home with temporary crowns as your permanent restorations were being fabricated.

After a few weeks, you received a call that your crowns were ready, and you needed to schedule another appointment. In your second visit, your temporaries were removed (if they were still intact), and your permanent crowns were cemented in place after making the necessary adjustments.

Having received traditional crowns, you’re probably wondering how the same can be done in one day, yet your procedure took weeks. With CEREC technology (an incredible process that can design and 3D print a durable and strong porcelain crown in under 2 hours), getting your crowns in a day is very much possible. The procedure is similar to traditional crowns, only that the entire process takes place within one appointment. Most notably, instead of sending your bite impressions to an offsite lab, we have an in-house 3D printing machine to create your crowns as you wait!




Benefits of same-day dental crowns

Patients receiving same-day crowns receive unparalleled convenience as preparation, creation, and installation are done in just one day! Besides being time-saving, other benefits of single-visit crowns include:

  • No temporary crowns, which are known to pop out and/or break
  • No uncomfortable goopy molds as same-day crowns use digital cameras for impressions
  • More accurate and precise-fit crowns thanks to advanced 3D software

Restoring your teeth in one appointment has never been easier. With same-day dental crowns, you can revive the appearance and health of your teeth in a single visit. All you need to do is dial 310-340-6663 to book an appointment with Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions.

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