Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

There’s a dangerous sleep disorder that affects so many Americans – sleep apnea which is a condition where people experience an inability to breathe properly while sleeping.

Most people don’t realize they have it and/or have had little to no results from previous treatment. Residents of the Manhattan Beach, CA area now have effective sleep apnea care available at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions!

Sleep apnea prevents our bodies from getting into and staying in the deepest sleep cycles. Those cycles are necessary for the following:

  1. Proper brain function during sleep and more importantly during the day
  2. Proper rest for the body’s metabolic function
  3. A needed reduction in blood pressure which helps in the overall function of the heart
  4. Proper hormone release which regulates cell repair and tissue repair throughout our bodies
  5. Hormone release for mood stabilizers

All of these factors contribute to an overall feeling of exhaustion or fatigue when we don’t rest properly. There’s a lot at stake for our bodies when we suffer from sleep apnea.

So what exactly happens when we experience sleep apnea? The muscles in the back of our throat and our tongue relax so deeply that they block the airway. Many folks who snore frequently have sleep apnea. Some even wake up as their brains compute they are not breathing, sending a jolt of adrenaline and thus waking up. It can be startling and scary, both for the sufferer and the person sleeping next to them. This cycle can repeat dozens of times per hour throughout the night – thus never being able to stay in deep cycles long enough for the above 5 factors to occur.

How do we address this disorder?

Some folks in the general public have been prescribed CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines which force air through a mask and hold the airway open while they sleep.

Here at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions, we can have you fitted for a special oral appliance that hold your jaw and tongue in place. This keeps the airway open and your breathing free.

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