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Receding gums will take a toll on the look of your smile, but it can also have serious implications for your oral health. Exposed teeth roots are difficult to keep clean, and you may have difficulty with hot or cold food and drinks, as well as hard to chew foods. You will also have a much higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Dr. Mungcal offers patients with receding gums a pinhole procedure in Manhattan Beach to rejuvenate their gums for a healthier smile.

The story behind receding gums

As you age, your body will begin to produce less collagen, which can lead to thinning in your gums. Certain things, like aggressive brushing or bruxism, can spread the process along. Infections from gum disease will also reduce your gum tissues. Unfortunately, your gum tissue doesn’t regenerate the same way as other tissues in your body.

Receding gums will leave your tooth root exposed, and the edges of your teeth will appear discolored, and you may have increased sensitivity in your mouth. Without your gums protecting them, exposed tooth roots can become infected by oral bacteria.

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Solutions for receding gums

Traditionally, treatment for receding gums involved grafting soft tissues from the roof of your mouth to your gums. This painful and invasive procedure had a ten-day recovery time, and many patients are wary of following through despite the risk of tooth loss.

A pinhole procedure is a much simpler way to treat receding gums, and there is very little pain involved. After applying a local anesthetic, Dr. Mungcal will use a needle to pierce small holes in your gums. He will then use specialized tools to guide your gums back over your exposed roots and place them all without any stitching or cutting. The recovery period is short, and you can begin eating normally again the next day.

This procedure can halt gum recession in its tracks and give you your smile back in as little as 24 hours. Contact us today at 310-340-6663 to schedule your pinhole procedure in Manhattan Beach.

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