Manhattan Beach, CA practice offers laser treatments in dentistry

Practice Offers Laser Treatments in Dentistry in Manhattan Beach, CA Area

Keeping your teeth and gums clean and beautiful requires you to be proactive about your oral health and wellness. That includes visiting your dentist in Manhattan Beach, California, on a six-month rotation (or more frequently depending on the recommendation from your hygienist). Routine dental visits are vital to your oral health, ensuring patients are free from cavities and periodontal disease. When you visit Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions, you are introduced to our team of professionals and the most modern and effective tools used to enhance your health. That includes laser treatments in general dentistry.

What are laser treatments?

Lasers used to be a product of the future and related to cinematic movies, but now, we use lasers in many areas of dentistry—and the medical field. Dr. Mungcal of Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions utilize FDA-cleared laser devices to help patients get even more effective cleanings and deep cleanings. Conditions such as periodontal disease and cavities can negatively impact the health and function of your teeth/gums, making it essential for patients to visit their dentist regularly for cleanings. Cleanings performed with laser-assisted instruments are often much more effective, and laser light offers precision treatments.

What are the benefits of laser cleanings?

  • Affordability
  • Effectiveness
  • Precision
  • Less bleeding
  • Less discomfort
  • Regeneration of healthy gum tissue

The team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions works with individuals to help them achieve good oral health and wellness. They often use their laser technology to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums and reverse conditions such as periodontal disease. That is critical to help patients enjoy a smile that is free from bacteria and harmful conditions that can result in the loss of soft tissues, bone, and even natural adult teeth.

Teeth cleaning and dental care


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Call us today to ask anything about laser treatments and to schedule your next visit with us! 

Dr. Mungcal of Manhattan Beach, California, offer a wide selection of services in their state-of-the-art dental facility and welcome new patients and families to visit the office and discuss the benefits of laser treatments in dentistry. You can reach our team by calling 310-340-6663. We welcome new and established patients. The office is conveniently located at 1213 Manhattan Avenue.

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