Teeth cleaning and dental care in Manhattan Beach

Teeth Cleaning and Dental Care in Manhattan Beach Area

Oral health – you can’t do it alone. While brushing and flossing are essential parts of your home care (and your family’s), routine dental visits are necessary for your overall health. Dr. Don Mungcal, our hygienists and the rest of our team at Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions provide teeth cleanings and oral health screenings for patients in the Manhattan Beach area to prevent cavities, gum disease and correct misaligned bites.

Caring for your oral health

Your mouth offers the perfect habitat for disease-causing bacteria, and while brushing and flossing can remove some of these bacteria, they are simply not enough. It only takes 24-48 hours for post-meal residue to turn into hardened tartar. That tartar can’t be removed by brushing and flossing. You need us!  We recommend patients have 2-4 visits to the dentist per year to prevent cavities and gum disease. These routine checkups allow our hygiene team to clean your teeth thoroughly and remove that tartar. 

Hygiene visits are more than just cleaning your teeth—it also gives the dentist a chance to exam your mouth for other oral health conditions. Our dentists (partnering with our hygienists) will screen you for problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, uneven wear and tear on your teeth (usually stemming from misaligned bite issues), and oral cancer as they are developing. The sooner we address these issues, the more options you will have for care. We will also take the time to discuss any cosmetic concerns you have with your teeth and can recommend the best solution for a better healthier smile.

Advanced treatment

Most oral health issues are entirely preventable with proper home care and regular hygiene visits to our office. However, when we identify problems, we get straight to work forming a treatment plan to preserve your oral health with long term solutions so that you don’t have to worry about your teeth in the future. We offer tooth-colored fillings and porcelain crowns for discrete restorations that blend in with your existing teeth. 

If you have gum disease (and according to a recent study from the CDC 47.2% of adults over 30 have some form of it), we can customize a treatment plan to help you get back on the road to oral health which can even include our brand new laser which is more effective at not only getting rid of harmful bacteria, but also of regenerating healthier gum tissue.

If you’re experiencing pain, we can preserve your natural teeth with expertly-performed root canals and crowns. However, sometimes teeth are too damaged to save, and the best option for protecting your smile is an extraction followed by the best, longest lasting tooth replacement option that works best for you. 

Teeth cleaning and dental care


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Once your oral health issues are resolved, we can continue to maintain this achievement with regular visits – aka preventive care – to ensure you never have another dental issue.

Helping you with home care

Your home hygiene routine is fundamental to protecting your oral health. Our team will educate you on the best way to care for your teeth between visits through education and demonstrations. You can bet that we will discuss using electric toothbrushes twice a day and flossing at least once a day as a baseline for every patient. You personally may need more than that. Our hygienists are happy to discuss that with you!

Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions has offered quality care for patients in the Manhattan Beach area since 1992, and we are always thrilled to meet new patients. Contact our office today at 310-340-6663 to set up an appointment for you and your loved ones!

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