Say Goodbye to Your Smile Imperfections with Dental Crowns Treatment

Dental Crown Treatment in Redondo Beach California Area

Teeth are one of the most critical parts of the face. Even though hidden behind lips, it takes only a split second or a millimeter for teeth to change the appearance of your face—all you need to do is to open your mouth while talking, smiling, or eating.

It takes so much energy to hide your smile (physically and emotionally). You don’t have to waste your precious energy trying to hide your smile! If this has been a part of your everyday existence, it’s time to visit Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions to fix your smile imperfections. We offer treatments for residents in and around Redondo Beach, California, including all-porcelain dental crowns.

What are dental crowns, and how can they fix my smile?

Dental crowns are tooth caps placed on a tooth to cover stains, chips and to strengthen weakened teeth. Crowns are made of solid material like porcelain or ceramic and can be created to match the natural color of teeth. We use state-of-the-art technology to custom make your all-porcelain crowns here in the office IN ONE DAY!

Eager to find out what dental crowns can do for your smile? Dental crowns are used to fix numerous cosmetic flaws, including:

  • Stained teeth: Age, foods, beverages, medications, and genetics can deprive you of the characteristic shine of your teeth. While teeth whitening can brighten your smile, it can only do so much, especially for stubborn stains. Luckily, dental crowns can cover stained teeth, restoring the sparkle of your teeth.
  • Broken/chipped/decayed teeth: Broken teeth aren’t only unsightly but are sensitive and painful. After proper restorative treatment, Dr. Don Mungcal can place a dental crown to enhance the look and functionality of your damaged teeth.
  • Misshapen teeth: Oddly shaped and sized teeth result in an uneven smile. However, dental crowns can fix misshapen teeth to blend with your smile.




Benefits of porcelain crowns

If you are about to receive teeth crowns in Redondo Beach, California, you will enjoy the below benefits:

  • Porcelain crowns closely match your natural teeth
  • Crowns rejuvenate your smile and restore confidence
  • Crowns can last over ten years with proper care (some even as long as 20 years)
  • Porcelain crowns are entirely safe
  • Dental crowns restore the functionality of your teeth
  • Porcelain crowns are stain-resistant

Porcelain Crowns near Redondo Beach, California

Why show an imperfect smile to the world when we can fix it? Pick your phone and dial (424) 403-1700 to schedule an appointment with Manhattan Beach Dental Solutions. Dr. Don Mungcal installs natural-looking dental crowns to improve aesthetics and oral functionality.

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